AG18 Urban Art Gallery

Urban Art – to know what it is, what it can be, you have to see it.

AG 18 invites you. The gallery will be promoting a wide range of – mostly young – artists, using a number of different techniques in and approaches to their work. These individuals come from all across the world and have predominantly been influenced by urban areas. Their work explores a broad spectrum of themes.

Urban artists are keen observers and tactful storytellers. Their pieces can be provocative, shocking, witty, shrill, political, enigmatic, mysterious, powerful, and often exhibit bright colors or shades of gray, black and white. Come and see for yourself.


David Hockney gave the impetus. With his remark that he did not know whether art could change the world. However, he knew from his own experience that art could help against despair. With this, Hockney says: Art can give hope. Get rid of conditioned thought and representation patterns. It surprises, shows new perspectives, inspires, stimulates new insights, thus shows ways out of perceived hopelessness. Art creates confidence. It encourages and gives joy in life.

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City Dwellers

Yassonas Megoulas, Marilia Kolibri and Iakovos Volkov

They come from Athens – a vibrant city. They come to Vienna. 
With works especially created for their exhibition in the AG18 Urban Art Gallery. 
After curious explorations here. Inspired by the Greek metropolis and Vienna. 
City Dwellers. Designers shaped by urban life.
Open. Joyful. Surprised. 

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The gallerists

Margot and Michael Schmitz – founder of AG 18. Art aficionados, spouses, parents, curious, fond of traveling, cosmopolitan, in favor of variety, against simple-mindedness, keen to debate, always in favor of questioning established thinking-patters and engaging in new thinking. With AG 18, they want to open windows, invite people to discover new points of view. She is a professional psychiatrist. He is a professional psychologist, with an earlier career as a journalist.


GCA Gallery

GCA Gallery

GCA Gallery is a contemporary urban art gallery created in June 2014 in Nice, a few steps from the National Theater and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the City, near the port. In April 2017, GCA Gallery opened a new venue in Paris in a ​​100 square meters space. Located in the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand district in the 13th arrondissement, this Parisian gallery is anchored in an environment full of cultural effervescence with the nearby university as well as the project of street art museum “Street Art 13”.

Oxymoron Gallery

Oxymoron Gallery

The Oxymoron Gallery promotes and organizes exhibitions of young, urban artists. The focus is on urban art, street art, graffiti & graphic / illustration. Colin Linde leads the Oxymoron Gallery,  Lindengasse 65, 1070 Vienna. A selection of exclusive works & prints can be seen in the online shop. Through their cooperation, Oxymoron and AG18 want to offer an expanded platform to international and Austrian artists and to make Urban Art accessible to a wider audience.

Improper Walls

Improper Walls has been a cultural link to the gallery scene in Vienna since 2014. We offer an exhibition space and our curatorial expertise for emerging artists, as well as a year-round exhibition program based on solo exhibitions with local and international artists, open calls and group exhibitions. Improper Walls also participates in international projects, building our network around the world and promoting artistic exchange.