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Camilla Schön

While her focus was previously on figurative works with many organic elements, today she is almost exclusively devoted to abstraction. For two years she has been intensively involved with the medium of etching, her works are mostly drypoint etching with carborundum on paper. In her work process, the experimenting of colors and shapes is the essential factor.

In intuitive work she always creates new ideas and surprises. For them, the process of etching is unique, because ultimately you can not predict what the result will be. Every print becomes a unique piece. An important basis for her is the serial work. For them, “flow” is created – a state in which they do not deliberately reflect, but follow perceived developments and inspirations, constantly encountering new challenges that require attention and effort. It creates and dissolves inner states of tension. In “Flow”, she uses intuition to promote her own artistic development, conveying tension and subtlety in her works. This can be seen very nicely, for example, in her series “untitled” of a total of 11 drypoint etchings with carborundum (2019).

Her latest project consists of eight prints, which she has assembled into a huge leporello (the individual prints are 76x106cm in size) to create a barrier between book and installation. The distance allows a close look and reflection.

Camilla Schön was born in 1995 in Vienna. Since 2016, she studies at the University of Applied Arts in the class for graphics and printmaking by Jan Svenungsson.

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