Young Viennese Artists in the AG18 Urban Art Gallery

In streets you can see their big murals. In Vienna. In many other cities worldwide: Perkup, Ruin, Friend, the Rip-Off Crew – Katharina Löffelman, Mariela Lehner and Linda Steiner, David Leitner, Moiz, Boicut, Skirl. Additionally Johanna Braun. In the scene they are internationally known and recognized artists.

In Vienna, last summer, they spectacularly designed the vacated “Wien Museum” under the title “Takeover – Streetart” and triggered a visitor rush.

Now these artists * can be seen in a large exhibition in the AG18 Urban Art Gallery – in a new way, with works on canvas and paper, with the design of gallery spaces. Her art is more than “street art” – she goes far beyond the street. It opens up new perspectives and perspectives. It invites one to take a look – to a wide view.

At the Academy of Applied Arts, we have discovered talents such as Camila Schön and Max Brenner.

The AG18 Urban Art Gallery presents a large overall view of the most exciting Viennese artists from the genre “Urban Art”. You can see a variety of varied artistic works, great craftsmanship, contagious freshness and heartiness.

The exhibition can be seen until 22 February 2020.

Available Art: