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Hunto was born in 1982 in Brindisi,South Italy and found his passion for art at a very early age. Pablo Picasso was for sure one of his first influences. It was the only book he had in his house and it was the only one could read during his childhood.

Started Graffiti around 1997 Hunto was into HipHop scene and used to breakdancing too. Most of his early illegal pieces were characters and simple forms of letterings. Strongly inspired by Picasso,one of the most influential artist in the history, Hunto pointed his career towards a cubism-influenced style of street art, while keeping his strong Graffiti background. During this the artist develope an unmistakable style based on bold shapes and striking colours combination.

Family,love and human relationship are his most frequent topics, but not always there is a message behind. Another subject matter in most of his work is sex. For Hunto that’s is the simplest and best way to reach most other people. “Sex is beautiful, it is in both real life or to see as a subject matter behind artworks”
Aside from the outdoor works he also started making canvases around 2006 and made the majority of the works after moved to England.

Available Art: