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Kurar is a pseudonym. Born in 1983 in the French town Clermont-Ferrand, he started his artistic career with graffiti. Later he started to work with stencils and soon introduced his own version of street art. With his unique technique, he creates complex and elaborate paintings with subtle nuances and intriguing light/shadow, mirror and three dimensional effects.

Kurar’s paintings immediately show his ambition to encourage and strengthen humanity. He developed this style at a time where we often face complicated questions we cannot answer. A time, in which, a lot of things are uncertain. The world, in which we live, is ever changing – rapidly and dramatically – making it impossible to foresee what will happen next.

In his paintings, Kurar frequently portrays children. They live in a world for which they are not responsible – a world that amazes them, more than that it frightens them. Children are curious. They go on expeditions. They tend to observe what happens around them. They’re not naive, but rather unbiased, impartial and without inhibition. Their thinking and feelings, their dreams and desires are less influenced by conventions. By showing us this, Kurar invites us to step out-off our patterns of perceptions and to stop judging and interpreting things, situations, and people preemptively. He asks us to consider out values and what they require from us. The answers to these questions, are left for us to find.

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