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PERKUP surprises us again and again. He shows us dense, multi-faceted, humorous, subtle pictures. He is a sensitive observer and encourages us to take a closer look, to pay attention, to feel and understand better with the world is confronting us. He reflects that we can easily be flooded by the visual plenty of today’s media.

PERKUP varies precise presentation and subtle alienation. He plays with a variety of techniques and materials. He does not limit himself to proven schemes and breaks out again and again from familiar patterns of representation and perception. He combines analogue and digital elements in collages, presents “the known” in an astonishing way. He playfully creates new constellations and tensions. His pictures are sensually immediate and at the same time invite reflection. So he repeatedly addresses how (unconscious) patterns forge the way we see, perceive, and make sense.  At the same time, he reflects on a meta-level the history of images.

PERKUP he commutes mindfully across borders. He shifts spaces, changes forms that can range from abstract animation to everyday objects; from the deliberate overlay, the play with the inaccuracy of the pixels to the free associative use of colors. Perkup often works in public space, but he cannot be pinpointed on “street art”. He constantly breaks artistic categories that would codify him to a narrow genre.

PERKUP was born in 1989 in Graz. He lives and works in Vienna as a freelance painter, graphic designer, illustrator, and graffiti artist. In 2017 he graduated from the University of Applied Arts, Judith Eisler, painting and animated film.

Available Art: