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Ruin pulls his viewers into the immediacy of his pictures. He combines elements of early street art with his own approaches and creations. He plays with graffiti techniques and figural representations, which he sometimes reduces fragmentarily. Ruin is playful, imaginative, ironic, surrealist, humoresque. In his paintings we encounter bizarre characters, grotesque insects, flying fish, abstruse objects.

“Overall, in his works he creates a balance between letters and imaginative illustrations, which are either moved to the foreground or the background of the surface. Often, letters are completely omitted, even though they appear to be still present in abstract forms and pictorial surfaces. This is usually based on a closed composition, with which the often filigree elements are integrated. ” This is how Stefan Wogrin puts it.

Ruin likes to work with strong, bright colors. They demand attention and captivate the viewer. But he can also limit himself to a few shades. With his roller technology he creates fine disruptions and with dosed spraying a slightly grainy structure. Ruins art is not slick. It is beautiful in its own way and by itself. He does not follow the beauty doctrine that mass-produced pop art wants to vend.

Ruin has traveled the world a lot and left his own personal mark with fantastic murals in many places. He is considered one of the most renowned “street artists” of Austria. But he is not to be categorized as just a “street artist”. With the variety of his presentation, the variations of techniques and materials he cannot be squeezed into a narrow genre. His art is direct. We do not have to ask ourselves what he wants to tell us. We do not have to work through theories to “understand”.

Ruin, born in 1990, lives and works in Vienna.

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