Thomas Mock

Thomas Mock is a modern panel painter. He prefers to paint on untreated wooden boards. In the peculiarities of the wood and the applied colors, he discovers new forms and structures, patterns, figures, faces, animals, mythical creatures. Mock paints them with fantasy and fine lines. His pictures invite viewers to approach, to look at superficial and mysterious things, to discover and to let their own fantasy run wild.

Mock designs and gives room to chance. Because a lot of our lives depend on coincidences – and on what possibilities we see in it and what we make of it. His pictures are spontaneous, carefree, full of joy playing with colors.

In the 1990s, Thomas Mock was a graffiti artist known as “Keramik”. With his own style, he emerged in the Viennese scene. He was a member of the revolting crew WDD – “Wir dürfen das”. A group that broke out of traditional art schemas and was constantly on the lookout for new forms of expression and techniques.

He says of himself: “Outside, I have always painted and sprayed directly on the untreated, dirty walls. I kept that kind of work when I started to paint old, found wooden boards in the studio. Not only to give me the feeling of “back then”, but also to give a tribute to my artistic past life. “

Curiosity and the search for new perspectives, approaches and forms of expression continue to drive Mock. He works graphically and painterly, with a broad spectrum that is always about beguiling and frightening, about love and life, about beauty and ugliness – and about death.

Thomas Mock, born in 1977, lives and works in Vienna. He has been working as an artist for 25 years, also characterized by his completed architectural studies and the diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts.

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